Islamist Group Suspected in Acid Attack on Two Jewish Girls

When it comes to acid attacks, it's never the Buddhists or the Presbyterians or the Unitarians


When it comes to acid attacks, it's never the Buddhists or the Presbyterians or the Unitarians. It's always the religion of peaceful-acid throwing.

Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup, both aged 18, had argued with a local shopkeeper days before two men on a moped threw acid in their faces and Katie had separately been attacked for singing during Ramadan.

One friend suggested they might have been singled out because they are Jewish, and local police said they wanted to speak a radical Islamic preacher who they believe may have inspired the attack.

Oli Cohen, 21, said: "The girls were walking through the town singing on Ramadan when a Muslim lady came up to her shouting. She lost her temper and reacted violently - and hit her in the face for singing."

Religion of peace, acid throwing and hating music. And the cops already are talking to some likely suspects.

A senior Muslim imam, himself disfigured in an acid attack nine months ago, named Uamsho or its followers as the likely culprits for the attack on Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup.

The organisation, whose leaders are in prison awaiting trial for inciting religious violence, was behind crudely-printed anti-Christian leaflets dropped around Zanzibar a fortnight ago.

They want to introduce strict dress codes for women including tourists, restrict alcohol sales and remove the islands of the Zanzibar archipelago from mainland Tanzania’s rule.

The Reverend Cosmas Shayo, parish priest of St Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral, agreed. They want to make the islands only Muslim, and first they wanted to scare Tanzanian Christians, and now they want to scare tourists, who they see as all Christians as well.”

And I'm sure it will be a lovely place when it's done. Uamsho stands for The Association for Islamic Mobilisation and Propagation.

Tanzanian website The Daily News has speculated that the acid attack could be followed up with a series of planned demonstrations as part of a deliberate effort to force the government to release 10 Muslim leaders still in jail.

So typical terrorist tactics. And they are a terrorist group responsible for murdering a priest and burning churches. This latest attack now gives them international recognition, which means more cash from the Saudis and other likeminded Gulfies and pressure on Zanzibar to appease them.