Muslim Brotherhood Claims Saudi Arabia, Israel, America and Iran are Behind Coup

So it's now an American-Iranian-Saudi-Israeli-UAE conspiracy. I'm not sure who could believe this besides Alex Jones.


This conspiracy theory makes perfect sense if you're insane. Or from the Muslim world. Suffice it to say that apparently everyone on the planet teamed up to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt.


Al-Monitor obtained a copy of the group’s first internal analysis document, which the Brotherhood began to circulate in recent days. The document was written by 75-year-old Mohammed Ahmed Rashed, an Iraqi national who is considered the group’s top planner and theorist. Although he occupies no official post in the organization, Brotherhood members place him alongside Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Brotherhood’s spiritual father and reference. Rashed is also perhaps on par with Mohammed Badie, the organization’s supreme guide.

And what has this deep well of wisdom churned up?

Rashed accuses the United States of supporting the coup to frustrate Islamic ambitions by using the Egyptian army.

Okay. So it's an American conspiracy.
Page 10 of the document says, "[There is] disappointment with President Barack Obama, who we thought was wiser than his predecessors and would bring freedom to our country, since he is more intellectual than his predecessor, George W. Bush, and tends to be [more] realistic and principled."
Page 10 sounds like the Brotherhood gets its view of US politics from the New York Times.
Rashed points to the role of the “deep state” and the pervasive influence of former President Hosni Mubarak’s followers and loyalists, who have frustrated every reform that President Morsi wished to implement.
Okay,  so it's an American conspiracy involving the Egyptian military and Mubarak loyalists. Buy wait...
He also accuses Israel of accelerating the end of Morsi’s rule by playing a major role in planning the coup and in supporting the Egyptian army, with the help of money from the Gulf, particularly Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
Okay so it's now a US-Israeli conspiracy funded by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. But wait...

Rashed also accuses Iran of being one of the hidden hands behind the coup. He accuses Iran of mobilizing Arab Shiites against Morsi because of his stand on the Syrian issue and his blocking of Iranian attempts to infiltrate Egypt.

So it's now an American-Iranian-Saudi-Israeli-UAE conspiracy. I'm not sure who could believe this besides Alex Jones.