450 Lb Grandpa-Stabber Declares: "Allah is My Lawyer"

"Allah is my lawyer and if you do not release me, Allah will have his vengeance on you like he did in 2009 when he sent the flood. It’s only going to be worse."

Allah is doing a lot of lawyer duty these days. Not only is he representing Nidal Hasan over in Texas, he's making an appearance over in New York and now over in Atlanta.

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Investigators tracked down and arrested a woman they say killed a 66-year-old local businessman in a brutal attack in his own home, and Thursday she showed in court that she isn't afraid of making threats.

Sahara Tabriz Fakhir, 32, of River Run Drive in Douglasville, appeared before Douglas County Superior Court Judge Robert J. James in what was a bizarre initial appearance hearing.

Fakhir, who is Muslim, demanded to be released. When James asked if she understood her rights and if she had an attorney, she responded "Allah is my lawyer right now and if you do not release me, Allah will have vengeance on you. Like he did in 2009 when he sent that flood – it is only going to get worse."

But the display became even more bizarre.

Fakhir, who stands 6-2 and weighs in excess of 400 pounds, was referencing her 2009 brush with the law in her comment. In January of 2009, Fakhir was arrested for allegedly threatening to slit the throat of her probation officer. When deputies came the following day to arrest her, she threatened to kill a deputy. While in custody she allegedly destroyed property at the jail.

After attempting to fire her court-appointed attorney due to religious differences, Fakhir agreed to a guilty plea in a deal that gave her five years with 130 days to serve in June 2009.

And clearly that was the right decision.

With his wife out of town, a Douglas County man was cooking himself turnip greens moments before he was brutally killed in his home. The grandfather, father, husband and business owner was the victim of a violent attack leading to numerous injuries, county officials said Friday.

Wheeler had been stabbed numerous times, Daniel said. Daniel said Wheeler likely was killed within hours of being discovered. Turnip greens were still on the stove when investigators were called to the home, he said.

But Fakhir has additional craziness on top of the usual Muslim stuff.

 "Fox 5, really? Let the illuminati, reptilian news media in here, really?" Fakhir asked Judge James.

James tried to answer, "They are a member of the public and they have the right to be in the courthouse just like anyone else."

But Fakhir interrupted.

"They are a member of the disbelieving public All you free masons and Illuminati members in the courthouse you all are going to burn," Fakhir said while being lead out by deputies.

So we can blame not only Mohammed, but also Alex Jones.

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