Planned Parenthood: "For Twenty Years Bob Filner has Defended Women"

With all the time that Filner spent protecting women, who was protecting women from Filner?

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Planned Parenthood is the last word in women's rights. And by last word, I mean they reduce women's rights to abortion and nothing else. And that is how you end up with Bob Filner as the great defender of women.

Women’s right to choose and access to safe birth control are under attack.

For twenty years, Bob Filner has defended women… our right to choice, our right to healthcare, our right to equal pay.

Bob Filner has a 100% voting record on women’s health. He put the Lily Ledbetter Equal Pay for Women Act on President Obama’s desk.  Now, it’s the law.

Carl DeMaio is a stealth candidate who refused to answer Planned Parenthood’s questions about women’s access to health care. Carl DeMaio cannot be trusted.

Julie Bornstein, Chair

Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest

Insanely enough, their Planned Parenthood branch still hosts Filner's essay, "Why I am pro-choice."

Surprisingly enough, Filner was an opponent of abstinence education and a big fan of emergency contraception.

I believe that abstinence-only education is not the answer. That is why I am a co-sponsor of the Prevention First Act, H.R. 819, which provides comprehensive access to medically-accurate sex education and all forms of contraception, including emergency contraception.

Medically-accurate sex education where Filner is concerned would involve pepper spray and a taser.

 We should be making it easier for men and women especially youth to obtain birth control, not harder!

The exclamation point really conveys Filner's emphasis. Filner apparently also appeared at Planned Parenthood's Golden Anniversary gala and spoke there.

And here is Filner appearing at a Planned Parenthood rally and getting the PP endorsement.

"And here is the man who is going to be the next mayor of San Diego. (Applause) He is the only 100 percent pro-choice candidate in the race, worked tirelessly to protect Planned Parenthood from vicious ideological attacks in Congress and has spent the last twenty years protecting our rights and the rights of women everywhere.

With all the time that Filner spent protecting women, who was protecting women from Filner?