Egypt Declares State of Emergency, Cracks Down on Muslim Brotherhood Terror Camps

Anti-Morsy protesters recount being "captured, beaten, subjected to electric shocks or stabbed" at the Islamists' two encampments


After showing a great deal of patience, the Egyptian authorities have finally made their move against the Egyptian terror camps that the media insists on calling "Sit Ins".

The so-called "Sit Ins" not only featured heavily armed men, but also torture and murder of political opponents. These camps were really mini-Brotherhood states where there was no law, but Brotherhood law. They are a warning sign of what Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood would have become.

Amnesty International released a report on Aug. 2 in which anti-Morsy protesters recount being "captured, beaten, subjected to electric shocks or stabbed" at the Islamists' two encampments in the Cairo districts of Nasr City and Giza.

"[W]e were told by the morgue five bodies bearing the marks of torture were found near both camps," says Mohamed Lofty, an Amnesty researcher.

"We can say with confidence that there are weapons in the Giza sit-in ... it is not very well concealed," says Karim Ennarah, a researcher at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights. He pointed to a pro-Morsy rally in the nearby neighborhood of Bain el-Sarayat on July 2, when pro-Morsy protesters, marching back to the sit-in, opened fire on local residents as clashes erupted.

The media is spinning this as a crackdown on political dissent, but the Muslim Brotherhood protesters were anything but non-violent. They were a violent terrorist movement.

Morsi ruthlessly cracked down on genuinely non-violent opposition. The men he terrorized were far more patient with his supporters than he was with theirs.

The Health Ministry said 13 people were killed near the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque during the crackdown, including six police and eight civilians. The official death toll could well rise.

That tells you everything. The death toll on both sides is nearly even. Those kinds of numbers come from a heavily armed terror movement.

The media will repeat the Brotherhood's carefully prepared sob stories. They'll report on the women and children that the Brotherhood terrorists, like their Hamas cousins in Gaza, brought along as human shields.

What they won't report is the truth.