Power and Identity Politics

The United States has never had a female leader. Pakistan did

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Here’s a thought: She [Hillary Clinton] can save the world…

Let’s begin with a working (and provable) premise: Women, if allowed to be fully equal to men, will bring peace to the planet. This is not so far-fetched a notion. One, men have been at it for thousands of years, resulting in millions and millions of corpses. Two, countries where women are most oppressed and abused are also the least stable.

Three, as women become more empowered, especially financially, countries become more stable…


That's a deep thought from Kathleen Parker (via neo-neocon)

The United States has never had a female leader. Pakistan did. Despite that there is no serious comparison between rights for women in the US and in Pakistan.

Or for that matter in the Elizabethan England of Queen Bess and the Ducking Stool and the modern evil American patriarchy.

Identity politics in't human rights. It never was. Liberals have become corrupted into the left's habit of segmenting rights and tying that segmentation to identity politics.

The world that men and women made is the one with millions of corpses. It's the world that all people, black and white, green and yellow, made.

The ahistorical white privilege liberal finds it fashionable to pretend that history began somewhere around the time Columbus stopped by here. Or maybe the European colonization of Africa. That kind of thinking is arrogant idiocy.

History doesn't begin. History is. Technology changes, but the patterns don't. Human beings learn new skills, but they don't fundamentally change.

The kind of condescending head-patting that acts as if changing the gender or race of the human currently running things will change the way people act is the sheerest idiocy. Human beings are not all alike, but neither are they so different as that.

The world would have millions of corpses, whether it was run by men, women, neuters, people of any race, color or creed. The exact number might go up or down, but it would still be in the millions and millions, because human nature is basically similar enough.