Hillary Spokesman Caught Lying About Hillary's Benghazi Terrorism Denial

“Basically, in a very loud angry voice she says, ‘it’s irresponsible to even suggest this is a terrorist attack, this is a YouTube video."

I know. I know. What difference does it make?

But a GOP Congressman did remind everyone that Hillary went nuclear at the suggestion that the attack on a US diplomatic compound was a terrorist attack, rather than a video review.

Kinzinger said in an interview on "Fox and Friends" that he and other members of Congress had a private meeting with Clinton about the Benghazi attack, and that the she became agitated when someone suggested it might have been a terrorist attack.

“Basically, in a very loud angry voice she says, ‘it’s irresponsible to even suggest this is a terrorist attack, this is a YouTube video, we know that there are protests all over and we need to be very careful about how we say this,’ and basically chided this member of Congress,” Kinzinger said.

“I actually sat there in that meeting and said, 'well the secretary believes this is a YouTube video because of how passionately she’s arguing that,'” he continued. “But now we found out … that they knew this whole time that it was a terrorist attack, including when it was happening.”

So Team Ready for Hillary issued a loud passionate denial that didn't deny the actual claim, but denied that Hillary and Kinzinger had been together in the same room at that time.

"So we are to believe that he woke up today, 10 months and 27 days later, and suddenly remembered he heard something that 434 other people somehow missed? Not so much. What happened this morning was nothing short of brazen deceit.”

Kinzinger actually addressed this point with Secretary Clinton when she testified about Benghazi before the House, back on January 23:

KINZINGER: When you briefed us, you said unequivocally this was a result of a video. I remember in fact, you got pretty upset when somebody suggested this was a terror attack. This was our briefing that we had. But we find out now it wasn’t a video, it was this terrorist attack.

Hillary's spokesman appears to be denying that such a briefing even took place, which is stupid, as it would be easy enough to check, but then again we're dealing with Sir Edmund Hilary here. Or as William Safire called her, a congenital liar. That may be a trait that her subordinates suffer from as well.