"Hillary of Arabia": CBS Jumps into Hillarypalooza With their Own Hillary Series

Remember when we used to laugh at those Third World countries where every channel was showing a hagiography of the Beloved Leader?

Hillary of Arabia

With NBC doing a Hillary miniseries produced by a Hillary backer, CNN doing a Hillary movie directed by a radical leftist, CBS felt left out and just had to do their own Hillary TV project.

Madame Secretary will explore "the personal and professional life of a maverick female Secretary of State as she drives international diplomacy, wrangles office politics and balances a complex family life."

The show will be produced by CBS Television Studios and Revelations Entertainment, an independent movie production company co-founded by Freeman in 1996.

The project, which has received a script deal, is being written by Barbara Hall, who brought the world "Joan of Arcadia." Hall is also executive producing.

The project comes from CBS Television Studios and Revelations Entertainment. Revelations' Morgan Freeman, Lori McCreary and Tracy Mercer are also executive producing.

Barbara Hall is a perfect choice. They can call this Hillary of Arabia.

Back before the 2008 election, as liberals were anticipating that Hillary would be the One, ABC rolled out Commander in Chief as prep. The series flopped.

Now ABC is the only one of the big three networks not to have their own Hillary deal. Madame Secretary was incidentally the title of Madeline Albright's memoir, who served as S of S under Bill Clinton. So Hillary's people are pilfering even that much.

Revelations Entertainment is Morgan Freeman's company, but in practice it's Lori McCreary's toy, better known as the woman, whom Morgan claims he isn't dating. You've probably never seen anything involving they produced, not counting Inviticus, Clint Eastwood's Mandela flop.

As for Barbara Hall, Joan of Acadia nauseated even most liberals. I can only imagine that Madame Secretary will be a third rate mashup of Veep and Commander-in-Chief.

But this continues America's journey to becoming a Banana Republic where every channel is showing a hagiography of the Beloved Leader. Remember when we used to laugh at those Third World countries?

Now we are one.