Are You Ready for Chelsea Clinton... Multi-Faith Leader?

Does this mean that Chelsea Clinton is now an Imam, Pope and Rabbi?


Chelsea Clinton, a 33-year-old woman, who works for her parents, and is absolutely not running for public office, until they decide which office to buy her, is the subject of a fawning profile of her new role as a "Multi-faith leader".

What is a multi-faith leader you may ask? Does this mean that Chelsea Clinton is now an Imam, Pope and Rabbi? It's entirely possible. Join us for a journey into the compelling and fascinating life a 33-year-old child.

One face that incoming New York University freshmen might be surprised to see on campus this September is Chelsea Clinton‘s. The former First Daughter’s role as a multi-faith leader at NYU is only the latest in a series of steps the once-sheltered political scion has recently taken into the limelight.

The limelight of leading multiple faiths! At NYU! While photographers follow her around! What does her job as Pope, Imam and Rabbi of NYU involve?

The former first daughter has tackled what the school calls a “multifaith” role as co-founder and co-chair of its brand-new Of Many Institute. The program is described by the university as aiming to “develop multifaith dialogue and train multifaith leaders.”

So absolutely nothing.

The Of Many Institute website is still under construction, much like Chelsea's political resume, but there is to be a Minor in Multifaith, there's weekly Yoga sessions and an appearance by Reza Aslan.

So nothing. But don't worry, Chelsea is doing all sorts of important things. Like bringing attention to Africa. Did you ever hear of Africa before? I bet you didn't, before Chelsea reminded you of it.

Just last week, she was front-and-center of the cameras during a trip to Africa to bring attention to health care issues and economic growth in places like Zambia and Tanzania.

Bringing attention to Africa while being all multi-faith is a big job and it takes a lot of assistants.

Striding across the lobby of Chicago’s Sheraton Hotel, where the summit took place, hand outstretched in greeting, a gaggle of assistants in tow, the articulate 33-year-old bore little resemblance to the gawky teenager who was rarely caught on camera during her father’s presidency in the mid-90s.

Clearly the WSJ hasn't been watching NBC. But this is a whole new multi-faith African suffering Chelsea... with assistants.

She attributes her emergence as a multi-tasking power player to forces beyond her famous parents.

I'll spare you the suspense. She also credits Hillary's mother.