France Signals it's Ready for a Syrian War, Will Drag Us In

While normally we wouldn't really care what France thinks about anything, that's fond nostalgia for the Bush days.


While normally we wouldn't really care what France thinks about anything, that's fond nostalgia for the Bush days. These days the war pipeline works something like this.

First France decides to get its war on. Then the UK swiftly falls into line. Then America, not wanting to repeat Iraq by being all unilateral, joins in.

That's how it happened in Libya. That is how it's likely to happen in Syria. And the first domino has fallen.

France is seeking a reaction with "force" if a massacre in Syria involving chemical weapons is confirmed, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Thursday, although he ruled out the use of ground troops.

"If it is proven, France's position is that there must be a reaction, a reaction that could take the form of a reaction with force," Fabius told BFM-TV.

But on Thursday the foreign minister said there was "no question" of sending in ground troops, adding "it's impossible."

If Wednesday's attack is confirmed, "I believe it cannot go without a reaction from those who believe in international legality," Fabius said.

"If the Security Council cannot take a decision, at that moment decisions must be taken in another way. How? I would not go further," he said.

The word you're looking for is "Unilateral", but now that the Texas cowboy is out of the White House and the Right2Protect hippies are in, that's no longer a bad word.

No one on the Security Council is going to fall for another No Fly Zone to protect the civilians scam, the way they did in Libya. So time to assemble a Coalition of the Willing on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Fabius is still thinking in terms of an air campaign. That will keep down the casualties, but it will be expensive and what France, the UK and the US have in common, is shortages of cash.

Oh and France, the UK and the US have all made drastically military budget cuts. Which should mean not wanting to start more wars.

France is to cut more than 30,000 defence posts and reduce or delay orders for jet fighters and other equipment as the socialist government seeks to balance the need for stringent spending cuts with a bid to sustain the country’s role as a big military power.

Orders for the Rafale fighter, made by Dassault Aviation, are to be reduced to 26 from a previously planned 66 over the period, with the total combat air force set to be trimmed to 225 by 2025, from a previous target of 300

Fortunately an air war won't require any fighter jets. Oh wait...