John Kasich Wants MSNBC or CNN as Platform for 2020 Primary

It takes a great mind to come up with a great plan.

Sadly, John Kasich, a politician slightly more popular among Republicans than a tub of spoiled lettuce that had been left out in the sun for over a week, is not such a man.

And his great plan is the Flake Strategy, get a media gig to whine about how terrible is, before launching your comeback.

At least Flake had the sense to try CBS, Kasich is going straight for the full bore lefty mother lode at MSNBC or CNN.

Republican John Kasich, who is thinking about running for president in 2020, is likely to announce as soon as this week that he will join a major cable news network, CNBC has learned.

Kasich has signaled to close advisors and some donors that he is looking to sign with either CNN or MSNBC as he finishes his two-term tenure as Ohio’s governor, according to three people with knowledge of the conversations, including two who have been close to the governor since his 2016 presidential run.

These people would not say the role Kasich will play at a network, only to say that he’s ruled out joining Fox News Channel. Kasich hosted his own show on Fox News for several years in the 2000s.

That was back when he was pretending to be conservative. Now only MSNBC will do.