Poll Shows Majority of State of the Union Viewers Back Trump on Immigration

Every time the media talks about President Trump's immigration positions, it makes sure to preface them with "controversial". Meanwhile infanticide, the Iran Deal and the Green New Deal are not controversial at all. According to the media's spin factory at any rate.

The State of the Union was a threat because it allowed President Trump to lay out common sense positions that no one, except lefties, could possibly object to, and secure the support of most Americans.

Seventy-six percent of Americans who tuned in to President Trump's State of the Union address Tuesday night approved of the speech he gave. Just 24 percent disapproved

In the latest CBS national poll released last month, 25 percent of Americans identified themselves as Republicans. Among those who watched Tuesday night's address, that figure was 43 percent, and Republicans helped bolster the overall approval of the address.

And while 97 percent of Republicans approved of the speech, far fewer Democrats who tuned in did (30 percent). Most independents did approve.

CBS didn't choose to provide that figure in its article, but it's 82%. That's a huge number.

The bottom line is that the Democrats were outliers in their opposition to America and the State of the Union. 

And the majority of Americans watching the SOTU backed Trump on immigration.