How Long Will a Filner Comeback Take? Governor Filner?

The only question is how long will a Filner comeback take?


Bob Filner is finally resigning in disgrace. Not that disgrace means much. Bill Clinton left office with a cloud over his head and now his wife is a sure thing in 2016. Anthony Weiner is running for Mayor of New York City. Elliot Spitzer resigned in disgrace and is in the lead to terrorize the city as Comptroller. Jim McGreevey resigned as Governor of New Jersey and is heading up Jersey City’s Employment & Training Commission.

So the only question is how long will a Filner comeback take?

Like Weiner and Spitzer, Filner would be smart not to go the direct route. It's easier to either go for a bigger job or a smaller job, than the job you had to quit.

The obvious way for Filner to go is to run for Governor of California.

Sure it sounds crazy, but the current governor was complicit in the abuse of children by the Jim Jones cult and he made multiple comebacks despite the whole Governor Moonbeam title.

If the voters will forgive the abuse and murder of children, Bob Filner molesting 18 women should get a pass from the voters of California who would, in their current state, vote for the resurrected shambling corpse of Adolf Hitler as long as he had a D after his name and appeared at the requisite Chicano power luncheons and Planned Parenthood rallies.

It's only a matter of time.

Elliot Spitzer tried the CNN route. It didn't really work out, but Filner could still give it a shot. If CNN won't give him a gig, what about MSNBC or Al Jazeera?

Anthony Weiner just hold up in his apartment with lucrative Clinton consulting contracts that were part of his unofficial severance package. That's probably a good look for Bob Filner since it keeps him away from people.

Jim McGreevey went on a prison ministry to inmates and made a movie with Pelosi's daughter. That could be a good move for Filner.

But what's important is remembering that the Filner saga isn't over. Shame is dead, decency was run over by a truck and the idea that there are any moral standards involving Democrats went out with landlines. It's a bold new time. The Filner comeback is happening.

It's only a question of when.

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