Government Paper Owned by Richest Man Warns Something Must Be Done About Trump Voters

Democracy dies in darkness. Just like Jeff Bezos' Amazon warehouse employees.

In the latest episode of the oligarchic farce that is the Democrats and a media owned by guys like Bezos, the Washington Post, which he bought for $250 million, is now warning of the threat of "authoritarian voters" to "democracy".

It's a pretty terrible thing when those "authoritarian voters" defy the will of Bezos and the Silicon Valley donor class.

Never mind the facile lectures by Brian Klaas about how Republican voters are dangerous "authoritarians" who want a president with no checks and balances, while Democrats just want a leader who respects democratic norms by unilaterally imposing Obamacare, implementing amnesty for illegal aliens, packing the Supreme Court and the Senate, and then sending all of those mean authoritarian Republicans to reeducation camps. The truly entertaining part is the farce of a paper owned by the wealthiest man in the country lecturing the peons on the dangers of... people voting.

Klaas concludes warning that, "It’s about the tens of millions of Americans who, long after Trump is gone, will welcome another aspiring despot with open arms. And that, unfortunately, is the next front in the battle to protect American democracy." 

Something must be done about those millions of Americans who will vote the way that Jeff Bezos' paper doesn't want them to. 

The next front "in the battle to protect American democracy"? Reeducation camps. Obviously. Perhaps while sorting Amazon packages to save democracy.

We wouldn't want democracy to die in darkness, when it can die in an Amazon concentration camp instead.



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