Obama Unilaterally Passes Amnesty for 40% of Illegal Aliens

"Obama has once again abused his authority and unilaterally refused to enforce our current immigration laws,”

obama amnesty

Since a large percent, possibly even a majority of illegal aliens in this country are parents of children, this acts as a mini-amnesty. Or a De Facto amnesty, as Marco Rubio would put it.

The difference between Obama's de facto amnesties and Ryan, McCain and Rubio's real amnesty is that real amnesty would provide real legal status and citizenship. While Obama's mini-amnesty just makes public his refusal to enforce the law.

The Obama administration issued a policy late last week telling immigration agents to try not to arrest and deport illegal immigrant parents of minor children — a move that adds to the categories of people the administration is trying not to deport.

In a nine-page memo issued Friday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said agents should use “prosecutorial discretion” to try to avoid detaining parents

“President Obama has once again abused his authority and unilaterally refused to enforce our current immigration laws by directing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to stop removing broad categories of unlawful immigrants,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, Virginia Republican.

It’s not clear how many illegal immigrants could be aided by the latest guidance, nor how many parents already in the deportation pipeline could be released or transferred.

Let's guesstimate a lot.

"Twenty-one percent of nonimmigrant households are couples with children. In other words, nuclear families. In households of illegal immigrants, that number jumps to 47 percent, according to 2008 data."

"More than half of the adult men are in families, are married, or have a partner," he says. "And most of them, 80 percent of that half, have children here. The women represent about 40 percent of the adults, and almost all of them are not here by themselves."

The law. Obama just doesn't believe in it.