What That Miley Cyrus is Racist Thing is About

It's like MSNBC but even worse.


Short answer, it's lib on lib political violence and an identity politics conflict.

There's been a conflict within the feminist movement for a while stirred up by self-identified "Women of Color" who claim that the white feminist establishment marginalizes them.

Like a lot of the left's insane internecine struggles, this one is ridiculously ugly and ridiculously pointless to anyone on the outside. The so-called women of color claim that white feminism is racist based on... pretty much a variation of the old white privilege argument that all white people are racist and instinctively dominate everything without even knowing it.

(This has a certain ironic resemblance to Kevin McDonald's similar argument about Jews. It almost makes you wonder whether McDonald just ripped off white privilege and applied it to Jews or whether some leftists decided that McDonald's argument about Jews is worth applying to white people in general.)

Like most of the left's ideological wars, this is really about activists using identity politics to angle for power within the movement.

Lately the WOC tagline has been the hashtag #solidarityisforwhitewomen. This is an improvement over its old White Womens Tears. Like 99 percent of identity politics, it can be summed up as

1. You don't understand our pain!

2. Give us more power!

As obnoxious as this kind of thing is within the feminist context, it becomes even more toxic when its proponents begin applying it to creative fields.

What that means is denouncing writers who use black characters as racist for commodifying black stories, white musicians as racist for commodifying black music, etc. The theme is that only official black people should be able to make use of these things.

It's really a toxic form of special affirmative action that doesn't just seek privileges, but to entirely exclude white people, and it's becoming a problem in certain fields where white liberals suddenly find themselves being mau-maued by psychotic talentless people whose only calling card is their black skin privilege. It can be funny to watch, but is still an online flashback to the 70s.

Both came together around the Miley Cyrus thing as white feminists defended her, only to be attacked by the loonier WOC core of activists for commodifying black music and culture and othering them. If I were black and white people wanted to take twerking, I would pay them to take it. But that's not what this is really about. This is about racializing everything in order to politicize it and then write long essays about how you wished your hair was straight while growing up and how white feminists don't care about that.

In other words, it's like MSNBC but even worse.