Chicago Pol Suggests Using Drones to Protect Kids on the Way to School

There are 35,000 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan and 70,000 gang members in Chicago.


The question of how much difference there is between Chicago and Afghanistan has just been answered. There are 35,000 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan and 70,000 gang members in Chicago, who are responsible for most of the gun violence in the city.

It's obvious. Either we pull out of Chicago, like we pulled out of Afghanistan or we start bombing Chicago.

A Chicago politician is helping show us the way to heal his troubled city. With drones.

If a Chicago alderman has his way, the city could someday see drones buzzing through the skies as part of an effort to keep students safe as they walk to school.

"We could use the help.!” Ald. George Cardenas (12th) tweeted, along with an article from The Telegraph outlining ways the remote-controlled, unmanned aerial vehicles — commonly known as drones — have been used outside of military actions.  “Why not use drones in safe passage.??"

During a follow-up phone interview, Cardenas said "there is no doubt technology is migrating from military use. ... It's going to take time to find those uses in an urban environment. It is, however, the future and I think people will want to take that leap. I think eventually we’re going to have to look at this technology."

"Did 12th Ward Alderman @georgeacardenas just advocate that Military Drones be used on CPS safe passage routes?" tweeted Martin Ritter, a member of the Local School Council at Whitney Young High School and a Chicago Teachers Union organizer. Ritter later tweeted, "Flying tanks are not the answer."

We won't know until we try. If flying tanks don't work, what about flying submarines or flying aircraft carriers. Something out there has to have enough firepower to fix Chicago.

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