The Battle Over the Fort Hood Jihadist's Beard Begins Again

According to army regulations, prisoners who resist grooming may be tied to a restraint chair and then shaved.


Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood Jihadist, just wants the world to know that he's a Muslim terrorist. The authorities don't want anyone to know that, but they are bending over backward to accommodate his Islamic demands.

Hasan wanted to grow out his beard. The judge wouldn't let him. So the mean old Judge, Col. Gregory Gross was replaced with the nice and terrorist-friendly Judge Tara Osborn who was happy to let the terrorist keep his beard.

Hasan, who is Muslim, said that he had grown the beard for religious reasons and that it was protected under freedom of religious expression.

Military prosecutors disagreed, as did the judge, Col. Gregory Gross, who ruled that the beard violated the military dress code. Gross held Hasan in contempt of court for refusing to shave, ordered him removed from the courtroom, and ultimately ordered that his beard be forcibly shaved.

The man accused in the Ft. Hood shootings may get to keep his beard -- at least for now.

A military judge's "duel of wills" with Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan over whether Hasan would have to shave made the judge appear biased, requiring his removal from the case, a military appeals court ruled Monday.

But now the beard rears its ugly head again.

Nidal Hasan, the former army major who killed 13 soldiers at a Texas military base, will likely be forced to shave as he awaits his death sentence.

Military prison officials at Fort Leavenworth released a statement saying: “All inmates are considered soldiers and are treated as such. All inmates at the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks must abide by Army Regulation 670-1 (grooming standards which prohibit beards) unless there is an exception to policy granted.”

For more than a year, Hasan had been seeking an exemption from the rule, wanting to keep his beard for religious reasons. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces allowed him to keep his facial hair during trial proceedings.

According to army regulations, prisoners who resist grooming may be tied to a restraint chair and then shaved. The use of force is permitted if it is videotaped and explained by a “detailed written report”...

And no doubt he'll get another friendly exemption to avoid offending Muslims. Because that's our counter-terrorism strategy now.