"English Owners" Sign on Chip Shop Provokes Outrage... in England

“One man called me and said he was going to pressure cooker bomb my shop."


Someone has a politically correct chip on their shoulder. Apparently "English" is the only obscenity left in the new Cool Britain. Perhaps it should be referred to as the "E___" word.

A chip shop boss has insisted he’s not racist after putting up a banner boasting that the business now had 'English owners'.

He and his wife Rachel took over the Chippy On The Green, in Hapton Road, Padiham, Lancashire less than a fortnight ago.

But the couple have already provoked a furious row with a banner across the front of the shop that reads: ‘Under new management with English owners’.

Burnley’s Lib Dem MP Gordon Birtwistle and the mayor of Padiham have both issued demands for it to be removed.

But defiant Mr Bradbury has no plans to take it down.

Paul Bradbury insists customers 'want to know they are going to be served by somebody English' - even though the shop had previously been run by English people of east Asian descent and of Greek descent.

And English people of possibly east Asian descent have responded in keeping with their rich English cultural heritage.

Mr Bradbury said he has received two threatening phone calls from people calling him racist.

He said: “One man called me and said he was going to pressure cooker bomb my shop. Another woman called and said she was going to put the windows through."

Pressure cooking bombs were most recently in the news when two Americans of East Chechnyan descent expressed their Americanness by objecting to the divisive and non-inclusive nature of the Boston Marathon in the finest traditions of Americanism.

Mayor of Padiham, Coun Vincent Pridden said: 'I don’t think it’s a very positive message to be putting out in the community. If it’s causing upset, the council should look into it.'

That's how we do things now then.