Harvard Offers Hillary Clinton a Job

One option that Hillary should take under advisement is the University of Benghazi, a fine academic institution with its own law faculty.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Considering her background, you would think Yale would step up to the plate, but apparently they had enough of her and decided it was Harvard's turn to shell out enormous wads of cash for the prestige of having a political celebrity occasionally show up on campus and talk about the lessons she learned during her failed term as Secretary of State and her mediocre time in the United States Senate.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is considering a job offer from Harvard University, according to her spokesperson.

The school’s student publication, reported late last week that administrators had approached Clinton with several opportunities for "engaging the university."

Engaging the university? There was a time when words meant things. Now they are an Orwellian soup of Newspeak that means nothing.

Does Harvard want Hillary to run it into the ground as president, before she does the same thing to America? Does Harvard want her to bake cookies for the faculty lounge? Something in between? Does it want her to teach a course on International Relations that will consist entirely of readings from her ghostwritten book?

Only Harvard and Hillary know.

"We have extended an invitation to Secretary Clinton to consider engaging with the university and would of course welcome her interest in a range of roles," Kennedy School spokesperson Doug Gavel wrote in an email to The Crimson.

Clinton is considering that offer, along with other offers from other schools around the nation including Baruch College and New York University, both based in New York City, according to Politico.

Baruch College? Really?

NYU does have money to burn, but this is about power and prestige. And when Hillary goes for it in a few years, she wants to put Harvard on her resume. Harvard wants Hillary to have it on her resume.

“A number of academic institutions have reached out with ideas," said Clinton spokesman, Nick Merrill. "We’re following up with each to discuss them.”

One option that Hillary should take under advisement is the University of Benghazi, a fine academic institution with its own law faculty. Or as they spell it in Libya, "Low".

3)  Faculty of Low:
1-                         Department  of  Islamic Law (Sharia).
2-                         Department  of  Private and Economics Low.
3-                         Department  of  Criminal Low.
4-                         Department  of  International Low.

Apparently all law but Islamic law is "low".

The University of Benghazi is a bit of a commute and it's in a dangerous neighborhood, but as a great woman once said, "What difference does it make?"