PBS Doc on Mohammed Features Muslim who was for Stoning Adulterers, Subjugating Christians and Jews

"The purpose of the jizya is to make the Jew and the Christian know that they are inferior and subjugated to Islam"

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Naturally he doesn't call for those things in the actual documentary on the Life of Mohammed. But PBS continues to mainstream Muslim bigots by airing Islamist propaganda.

One anti-Semite to appear on the show was Sheikh Ikrema Sabri, the former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. According to the New York Sun, Sabri is a fan of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a well-known forgery that portrays the Jews as the enemies of humanity.

Also he's a Holocaust denier.

And then there's Abdur Raheem Green who has an upbeat set of views on everything. Like interfaith relations.

For example, open Bukhari you will find the hadith that if you find the Jew or a Christian walking down the street, push them to the side.

It is well-known from what Umar ibn al-Khattab and the khulafa ar rashidin used to implement, that the Jew and Christian was not allowed to ride on a horse when the Muslim is riding on a horse. They would have to walk.

Allah he said in the Quran about the jizya that you, that fight the people of the book, Allah said, it’s in the Quran, fight the people of the book and those who do not believe that what Allah has made lawful as lawful and what Allah has made unlawful as lawful, until they pay the jizya and feel themselves subdued.

The purpose of the jizya is to make the Jew and the Christian know that they are inferior and subjugated to Islam.

That is actually very true of Mohammed. But don't look for that in the Life of Mohammed. And stoning adulterers to death

Adultery is punishable by death, and a slow and painful death by stoning. It is indicative of just how harmful this crime is to society.

I would love to see that in a PBS documentary, but this is more fraud from Unity Productions, a dishonest company whose earlier fraudulent documentary "A Prince Among Slaves" meant to sell Islam to African-Americans, I exposed as a dishonest distortion of history.

There’s just one problem with trying to present Prince Abdul Rahman Ibrahima Sori as a victim of slavery and a role model for African-Americans. The Prince was actually a vicious racist who was a mass murderer of Africans and a brutal plantation overseer.

In Rahman’s own account, he describes going to war against an African tribe and razing their towns. After the natives fought back, Rahman boasts that he proclaimed, “I will not run for an African.” This assertion of racial superiority proved to be a poor choice. The Africans caught Rahman, tied him up and sold him to some slave traders.

But Unity's Prince of Slaves is still around. The same people are telling the same lies.

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