Weiner, Spitzer Doing Really Badly with Jewish Voters

77% of Weiner voters favor Spitzer.


The interesting thing about the latest Siena College poll of the massive disaster that is the New York City Democratic Primary (currently leading for Mayor is Bill de Blasio, slightly to the left of Stalin) is how badly Weiner and Spitzer are doing with Jewish voters.

Only 9 percent of Jewish voters intend to vote for Anthony Weiner for Mayor. That ties with Weiner's ratings among Catholics. These are the working class groups that were his base.

By contrast, Weiner scores 15% among Latinos, possibly as a result of all those Latin American parades, 11% among Protestants and 13% among African-Americans. Those with incomes below 50K appear likeliest to support Weiner.

More strikingly is that Elliot Spitzer, the creepy ex-governor, is way ahead of Scott Stringer among voters in general, but losing badly among Jewish voters.

Overall, Spitzer has a 15 to 20 point lead. But among Jewish voters, Scott Stringer is polling 58% over 32% for Spitzer. That's strikingly different from the Catholic numbers for Spitzer at 50%, the Protestant numbers at 56%, the Hispanic at 55% and Black at 67%, clearly accounting for much of Spitzer's lead.

Interestingly enough, 77% of Weiner voters favor Spitzer.

That doesn't mean that Jewish voters are making good decisions overall. The Jewish vote is in a three way tie in the mayoral race between Quinn, de Blasio and Bill Thompson. Thompson, who would be the city's second African American mayor, appears to be gaining ground among Jewish voters for his respectability and credibility.

But then again there don't seem to be any good decisions in this race. The Democratic field is a disaster. Thompson may be the least offensive choice compared to Quinn, the candidate of the trash kitchen and De Blasio, the candidate of the radical left. The Republican field isn't all that much better.