Obama's New 'Gay' Foreign Policy Not Helping Anyone

Getting into a pissing contest with Putin over gay rights while Syria burns seems like an odd choice.


After promising Vladimir to be extra flexible before the election, Obama is pulling back and trying to retaliate against Russia for the Snowden espionage by amping up the gay rights angle.

Getting into a pissing contest with Putin over gay rights while Syria burns seems like an odd choice. It no doubt makes sense to Obama's donors. There are quite a few billionaires, like Amazon CEO and new Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos, who have spent millions on gay rights. But Obama is in theory supposed to be thinking of the big picture, instead of catering to the bedroom interests of his billionaires.

It also doesn't help anyone.

Instead of meeting with Putin in Russia, Obama will make a point of meeting up with gay rights activists in Russia. This makes for good press in San Francisco, but just makes gays more hated in Russia.

The Russian authorities have found it easier to shut down gay rights groups by accusing them of being foreign agents. The accusations held some merit because these NGOs took Obama's money. Now to make the case a real slam dunk, Obama will meet with them.

The sight of Obama meeting with the leaders of already unpopular and suspect organizations will make the charges that they are a foreign entity meant to undermine Russia that much easier to sell to the Russian public.

The gay rights groups may be counting on Obama as their only hope. If so, boy did they ever pick the wrong horse. Reagan was the only one to crack Russia to any extent. Not only is Obama not Reagan, but he isn't even Carter. But some of those leaders may be counting on a lucrative flight out of the country and a career testifying about gay rights in Russia in front of various EU committees. So they care less about Russian gays and more about Eurocrats and Obamacrats.

Meanwhile, while the Middle East hangs in the balance, Obama fulfills every pathetic wimpy liberal stereotype you can think of. His antics are not impressing anyone. And they are making America look like it's run by a bunch of sissies.