Janet Napolitano's New University Calls Illegal Immigrant the "I Word"

“The racially derogatory I-word endangers basic human rights"


Recently the N Word, and by that I mean Janet Napolitano, got a job in a place even more dysfunctional than the United States government. The University of California.

To commemorate her arrival, the UCLA student government, which is a lot like the worst of the United Nations and the European Union combined, have denounced the use of the I Word. Not Idiot, which is the proper name for the people behind this, but Illegal Immigrant.

Considering the success that MSNBC had reducing the Redskins to the R Word, it seems our language will soon be enriched with a lot more truncated unpronounceable words.

The undergraduate student government at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday calling for the end of the use of the phrase “illegal immigrant,” saying it violates human rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

“The racially derogatory I-word endangers basic human rights including the presumption of innocence and the right to due process guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution,” the resolution states.

I didn't realize illegal immigrant was a race. Apparently now it is.

You may laugh at the stupidity, but people who think in insane ways like these already hold Federal judgeships and even have a place on the Supreme Court.

The resolution came in response to undocumented students who had “expressed their concerns and fear with the recent appointment of Janet Napolitano, former US Secretary of Homeland Security,” as the new University of California president.

Yes, if there's anything to be worried about it's that Janet will provide amnesty to anyone at UCLA failing classes.