Chicago's "Teachers for Social Justice" Suffers from Compulsive Illiteracy

"Testing is a weapon used especially against Black and Latina/o students."


Apparently you can have social justice or literacy. But you can't have both.

If the latest pamphlet published by the “Teachers for Social Justice” group in Chicago was written by a Chicago Public Schools teacher, it might help explain why student performance has been so dismal.

Teachers for Social Justice, a collective of “radical” educators and union apologists, recently released what it calls a “popular education piece.”

The only problem is this document is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors like, “Call Mayor’s office and demand him (sic) to return the TIF money to our schools.”

The pamphlet does take a clear stand against tests calling them racist.

Testing is a weapon used especially against Black and Latina/o students.

High stakes standardized tests are inaccurate, hurtful, and inequitable. All these tests crowd out real learning. We can’t measure children’s potential through standardized measures.

And we get to the real point.

Most charter schools are non-unionized. Teachers without due process or collective bargaining rights cannot safely speak out for what is best for students.

Because that's what unions are really about. Speaking out about what is best for students. Like health insurance coverage for liposuction for their teachers. And unsustainable benefit packages.