Muslim Brotherhood Sabotaging Israeli Aid to Syrians

"The Muslim Brotherhood is fighting anybody who tries to distribute aid in other ways."


Seventy tons of sanitation items, 670 tons of food, 120 tons of basic home items and 20 tons of medication are just a sample of the aid one Israeli NGO has delivered to Syrian refugees amid the current crisis.

The mission of the nonprofit organization, which has been operating since the early 2000s, is to provide lifesaving aid to communities affected by natural disasters or human conflicts, exclusively in countries that lack diplomatic relations with Israel and places where the regime prevents the entry of conventional international humanitarian organizations.

Through its activity, which is titled the “IL 4 Syrians” project, the organization has delivered hundreds of tons of basic food; sanitation items including soap, toothbrushes, women sanitation kits, toilet paper and tissues; vital refugee items such as insulating material, mattresses, blankets, iron sheets to build housing units and water canteens; and 300,000 dry meals, each meant to feed five people for a week.

“Nobody asks permission to kill. We do not ask permission to save lives,” the founder of the organization, who will be referred to as Yael, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

An organization that operates exclusively in countries that hate Israel is the very definition of perversity, but I'll hold off on commenting on the wisdom of doing this to point to something more interesting embedded in the text.

While it operates undercover, the organization has encountered many challenges due to the difficult situation on the ground.

“The Muslim Brotherhood there has been distributing aid at mosques, but there are some people who for certain reasons are not permitted to enter a mosque,” Yael explained. “The problem is that the Muslim Brotherhood is fighting anybody who tries to distribute aid in other ways. Some of the members of those Syrian democratic groups that we are in touch with got kidnapped and beat up for that.”

The Muslim Brotherhood's role in Syria is often little mentioned. But aid is a political weapon that allows the Brotherhood to control people. And that is why funneling aid through Muslim Brotherhood front groups, even humanitarian aid, is a terrible idea.