Jordanian Parliament Budget Dispute Ends with AK-47 Shooting

They keep saying democracy is the solution to the political problems of the Middle East.


They keep saying democracy is the solution to the political problems of the Middle East. If they think that's the solution, maybe they should reconsider the nature of the problem.

An ongoing dispute between Jordanian parliamentarians resulted in one MP shooting an automatic rifle at a fellow lawmaker during a parliament session on Tuesday.

MP Talal al-Sharif pulled out an AK-47 rifle and shot at fellow MP Qusay Dmisa during a public session of Jordan’s Parliament, but did not manage to wound him.

Local websites showed video footage of Sharif shooting at Dmisa, who opposed him in a parliamentary dispute on Sunday.

This is the first time that guns have been fired in Jordan’s Parliament, although earlier this year MP Shadi al-Edwan attempted to pull out a pistol in the building during a bitter dispute over rising fuel prices.

There are countries that go years without anyone pulling a gun in parliament. But that's democracy in an honor-shame culture.

The source said the shooting came after an argument broke out in parliament on Sunday between Damissi and another member, Yahia al-Saud.

Video footage emerged showing Damissi removing his shoes and Saud his belt during the dispute, which flared due to differences over parliamentary procedure, before they were separated.

First the shoes come off. Then the belt. And then the assault rifles come out.

The Jordanian Parliament adopted on Monday unprecedented measures to expel MP Talal Al-Sharif, who used a Kalashnikov rifle to shoot at MP Qusay Al-Demsi during a dispute. The Parliament also decided to freeze the membership of Al-Demsi for one year as a disciplinary punishment for his role in triggering the dispute.

Although Al-Demsi was the shooting target, the ad-hoc investigation committee found him guilty of inciting the action. The MPs said that Al-Sharif resorted to arms only after Al-Demsi slapped him while they were shaking hands in an effort to resolve their dispute.

Al-Sharif was so offended by the slap that he rushed to produce his machine gun from his car and started shooting.

No seriously. This happened.