Colorado Gov Suddenly No Longer a Fan of Gun Control

Wonder what could have happened last week to change his mind.


Wonder what could have happened last week to change his mind.

Democrats had learned to stay off Gun Control. But Obama's arrogance really knew no boundaries and after shoving through everything from gay marriage to amnesty, he thought gun control would be easy.

It turned out to be as easy as invading Syria. Democrats in gun-friendly states are about to start retreating in a big way.

Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado defended his record on gun control after two Democratic state senators were recalled by their constituents in an election on Tuesday.

Hickenlooper admitted that the special election results were likely the result of the new laws limiting high-capacity magazines and requiring universal background checks for firearms purchases, but suggested that it was an overreaction.

"It's worth saying Colorado has maintained people's right to own a gun --- we've maintained the full respect for the Second Amendment," he insisted during a press conference on Wednesday.

One reporter asked Hickenlooper if he would sign the bills again today if he had to do them all over again.

"You know I'm not going to second guess myself … every time I do that, it invariably gets me into trouble," Hickenlooper said as he ended the press conference.

That's not the way he was talking a little while ago.

Hickenlooper said large-capacity magazines "have the potential to turn killers into killing machines." He also said he realized some gun owners may be inconvenienced but that "the potential for damage seems to outweigh, significantly, the inconvenience that people would have," he said.

But this is what he sounds like now.

He admitted, however, that he was never as "fired up" about limits on ammunition magazines.

"That was a tough one," he said.

No the recalls were tough.