Don't Blame Millennials for Meghan McCain, Blame the Media

Meghan McCain was the product of a media environment desperate for fake Republicans to bash Republicans

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Now that Meghan McCain has her own show, the media has discovered what it knew all along, that she's a shallow self-centered child of privilege under the false impression that she has something to say.

Of course the same thing could be said about Chelsea Clinton or Abby Huntsman-- but won't be.

But the media is dishonestly engaging in generational bashing to explain why Meghan McCain has a show.

Meghan McCain, a 28-year-old conservative blogger with a famous last name, has landed a talk show on Pivot, the new cable network targeted at millennial viewers. Early reviews of “Raising McCain” have been extremely poor, and not just for the host—apparently, the show is so vile as to taint her entire generation.

“Until I saw ‘Raising McCain,’ I had thought millennials got a bad rap,” Salon’s Daniel D’Addario writes. McCain valiantly fulfills all the negative media stereotypes applied to her cohort: She is a beneficiary of nepotism who has leveraged her privilege to spew “self-absorbed, entitled and unimaginative” commentary into the world. “McCain’s apparent belief that she deserves a seat at the table—that her thoughts, such as they are, ought to drive the national conversation—shocks the conscience. It is the hauteur that only a millennial could possibly possess.”

Millennials, at least their media presence and cultural tastes, may deserve some bashing, but the same can be said for Baby Boomers and Gen Xrs. Arguably every generation has grown more egotistical as it has grown more media aware. Self-centeredness may be the natural outcome of looking into a screen for long lengths of time and social networking has made more obnoxious forms of it ubiquitous, but...

Meghan McCain was the product of a media environment desperate for fake Republicans to bash Republicans. That's why Meghan McCain has a spot. She's not a conservative blogger. She's barely even a liberal for that matter. She's a child of privilege whose ideas are no bigger than a belief in gay rights premised mainly on having gay friends.

Liberal media bias got her this far. It's gotten some rather dubious Republicans even farther. It got McCain to a presidential nomination, at which point the same media that had been talking up his straight talk turned viciously on him.

Now the media has finally turned on her for some oddball reasons. Maybe they realize that Abby Huntsman is better at this sort of thing than she is and are ready to move her into the Liberal Republican Daughter in the Media slot.

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