Scenting Fresh Blood, Gun Controllers Forget Lesson of Colorado

The old community organizer instincts kick in at the smell of blood and emotional manipulation


Dogs chase cars. They do it even though somewhere deep in their ancestral memories of chasing Model T's to exhaustion, they know that they will never catch the car.

It's reflex. It's a hunting instinct.

That's how it is with liberals and gun control.

Colorado just taught them an expensive lesson in why it's best to avoid the subject because it gets voters who normally wouldn't care, even conservative Dems, out to the polls to kick some Prog ass.

But scenting fresh blood, they can't help themselves.

The old community organizer instincts kick in. There are more angry tweets about the NRA. More emotional manipulation. More "How many must die until we abolish the Constitution" rants and speeches about "Sensible gun control."

For some it makes sense.

Piers Morgan has nothing else going for him. Either he trolls gun owners some more or just gives up on trying to fill Larry King's suspenders and goes back to the UK. He has nothing to lose by doing the usual "Lookit those fat yanks with their loads of guns" act. It's not like anyone else is going to stop watching him at this point.

Likewise Diane Feinstein, she can't be pried out of her seat by anything less than an asteroid. She's been pushing gun control since the dinos roamed the earth. She'll go on pushing it long after the new alien overlords have taken over the planet.

But Obama, who is supposed to be thinking of how to improve Dem chances in 2014, is back on the gun control wagon. The arrogance is unsurprising. Neither is the stupidity. But there is a clear lack of wiser heads down there. That's a good thing of course. If Obama decides to keep on playing the 2nd amendment ban card all the way to 2014, he'll wake up to a Congress that is even more tilted away from him.

But dogs can't help chasing cars.