Hamas Now Hates Egypt More than Israel

"The first Islamist movement to take power on the Mediterranean now talks of making a last stand."


Who said the Arab Spring isn't making major changes in the region? According to the Economist, Hamas is feeling very lonely now that its Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt failed and the new government isn't a big fan of it.

Of some 300 tunnels that operated before Egypt’s army overthrew Muhammad Morsi, the Muslim Brother who had been president for a year, only ten are said now to function.

But how will the children of Gaza get their RPGs?

Hamas is in trouble. Dues from the tunnels, worth $1m a day, used to provide half of its budget

The other half came from Iran. Which Hamas alienated by backing the Brotherhood's war on Syria.

The first Islamist movement to take power on the Mediterranean now talks of making a last stand.

Faster, please.

In recent weeks armed men from Islamic Jihad, Hamas’s smaller Islamist rival with stronger ties to Iran, have skirmished with their Hamas counterparts for control of mosques. But Hamas is not about to bow out. Its security men have been putting up checkpoints at night. News agencies have been closed down. Suspected opponents of Hamas are being arrested.

All that means is that if enough money comes in, a lot of Hamas terrorists will suddenly be Islamic Jihad terrorists.

The showdown has begun,” says the head of an Egyptian community centre who was taken in for questioning by Hamas people after praising the Egyptian army.

Probably a Fatah man.

Hamas’s military wing has been holding defiant parades in view of the Egyptian army across the border.

I'm sure the Egyptian army is terrified.

If it is to survive as Gaza’s ruler, Hamas will have to rely on its old foe, Israel. While Egypt has choked off access to Gaza, Israel has loosened it, with 400 lorries recently entering the strip from Israel via the Kerem Shalom crossing in a single day, the liveliest such traffic for many years.

Because of pressure from Obama and the EU.

At Friday prayers, some Hamas preachers curse Egypt more than Israel.

Isn't being part of a religion whose sacred day prayers consist of deciding which country to curse more so spiritual?

Hamas border guards arrest and even shoot anyone trying to break the ceasefire with Israel. The 300,000-odd Israelis living in easy rocket range of the border with Gaza are enjoying a rare bout of calm. “Egypt’s closures make us insist more on keeping things quiet with Israel,” says the editor of a Hamas newspaper.

Yet Israelis still loathe Hamas, which carried out scores of suicide-bombings against Israelis

Those darn infidels. They don't appreciate a good Hudna.