Congressional Amnesty "Gang of Five" Down to 1 Republican

"Laws are to be respected and followed by all – particularly by the commander-in-chief."


The weather forecast for amnesty suddenly isn't looking very good. Not good at all considering that the House's Gang of 8 7 is now a Gang of 5. And it only has one Republican left.

Two House Republicans who had been trying to craft a comprehensive immigration package said Friday they were dropping out of bipartisan negotiations.

In a joint statement, Texas Republican Reps. John Carter and Sam Johnson said that they had “reached a tipping point” in the talks and “can no longer continue” working on a “broad approach” to a rewrite of the nation’s immigration laws.

“We want to be clear. The problem is politics,” they said in a joint statement. “Instead of doing what’s right for America, President Obama time and again has unilaterally disregarded the U.S. Constitution, the letter of the law and bypassed the Congress – the body most representative of the people - in order to advance his political agenda.”

“We will not tolerate it. Laws passed by Congress are not merely suggestions, regardless of the current atmosphere in Washington. Laws are to be respected and followed by all – particularly by the commander-in-chief.

Their exit is a major blow to immigration reform efforts in the House but the so-called Gang of Seven have long struggled to release legislation. Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) dropped out in June over a health care dispute. The only Republican member that remains is Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida, but this essentially marks the disbanding of the group — which has worked off and on for four years to write a comprehensive reform bill.

“Yes, this is it for this group,” a Democratic aide said.

This doesn't mean amnesty is dead. There are plenty of Republicans covertly committed to it. And some less covertly. But the group has fallen apart.