Mohammed Bond, International Man of Mystery, Plotted to Kill Prince Harry

He said he was back in Bangor to make a fresh start, reinventing himself as a “part-time” Muslim


His actual name is Mark Townley. Or Ashraf Islam. Or Antonio Mandez. Or you know just about anything. He's an international man of mystery. Which is to say he's a con artist and an idiot.

Also a wannabe terrorist. And possibly mentally ill. And yes that's him in the photos.

A London court was told on Friday how Co Down man Mark Townley, who changed his name to Ashraf Islam by deed poll in 2010, confessed to police he had “advanced plans” to kill the royal.

The heavily tattooed 31-year-old, from Bangor, walked into a police station in May, the day after Drummer Lee Rigby was killed in Woolwich, south east London, and told an officer of his intentions.

Islam described Drummer Rigby as a “soft target” and said he didn’t agree with the gruesome murder of the serviceman.

As stupid as this sounds, he did have a semi-plausible plan worked out.

Islam had been watching the Horse Guards Parade and planned to disarm an officer while disguised as a tourist and use that weapon to kill the prince.

He then schemed to send a phone warning to create a diversion.

I'm not saying it would have worked, but dumber assassination plots have.

During an interview with Sunday Life, the once clean cut Islam who described himself as a “self confessed narcissist” shared bizarre photographs of him posing with models wearing both lacy underwear and Muslim garb.

He admitted to using several pseudonyms to commit fraud across the UK.

But he said he was back in Bangor to make a fresh start, reinventing himself as a “part-time” Muslim working in the porn business and on his self-help book written while in Maghaberry Prison.

I don't particularly go with the mental illness defense, but in this case...

Raised as a Christian, he has a history of criminal offences for fraud but was radicalised after his last spell behind bars in 2011.

A lot of cons do convert in prison. And that seems to have happened here.

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