Obama Inc. Admits Amnesty 2 Will Make it Even Easier for Criminals than Amnesty 1

Olavarria also said she wishes to hide sections in the bill that will boost immigration of refugees.


Shh. Amnesty 2 will make life better for criminals. But it's just for us Congressional Black Caucus types. Don't tell anyone else.

The White House is trying to hide unpopular provisions in the Senate’s immigration bill that would allow immigrant criminals to stay in the country and would increase the inflow of low-skill refugees from war-torn countries, says a top White House official.

“The bill has a number of other important provisions that have stayed under the radar, and we’d actually like to keep them under the radar,” said Esther Olavarria, the White House’s director of immigration reform.

“We haven’t played [them] up because we want to be able to maintain them as we go through the legislative process,” she told about 50 attendees at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual conference, on Sept. 19.

And surely she thought that no one would pay attention to anything that went on at a CBC event. CBC members rarely manage to pay attention to anything they do.

Olavarria described the sections in the Senate bill that she’s trying to hide from the public and the GOP.

The first section reverses parts of the 1996 immigration reform, which allowed law-enforcement authorities to deport long-term residents who have committed crimes.

Interesting that this was the thing that Olavarria would most appeal to the CBC. But you know, Republicans are the racists.

Olavarria also said she wishes to hide sections in the bill that will boost immigration of refugees.

One of the secret bill changes, said Olavarria, “will allow more groups [of people] to be identified as refugees and come into the country under that program.”

In the last 10 years, roughly 55,000 Africans have won refugees status, and that number will increase if the Senate bill passes, Olavarria told the CBCF audience.

Because we don't have enough Somali terrorism in America yet.