Off-Duty Brit Soldier w/Gun Saves 100 in Kenya

If only he had an AR-15. Then Piers Morgan's head would explode.


If only he had an AR-15. Then Piers Morgan's head would explode.

An off-duty member of the SAS emerged as a hero of the Nairobi siege yesterday, after he was credited with saving up to 100 lives.

The soldier was having coffee at the Westgate mall when it was attacked by Islamists on Saturday.

He is said to have returned to the building on a dozen occasions, despite intense gunfire.

A friend in Nairobi said: ‘What he did was so heroic. He was having coffee with friends when it happened. ‘He went back in 12 times and saved 100 people. Imagine going back in when you knew what was going on inside.’

The British Special Forces regularly train and operate out of Kenya, and have been involved in tracking UK citizens involved with hardline Islamists in Somalia and Yemen.

Would he have still gone back inside if he had been unarmed and unable to defend himself? Maybe, but it would have been a much bigger risk.

Piers Morgan ridiculed the idea of a good guy with a gun. If he or a family member had been at Westgate, I suspect he would have been quite grateful for a good guy with a gun. Even if the gun was an AR-15.