BBC Told Reporters Not to Describe Mall Murdering Jihadists as "Terrorists"

Instead he referred to the culprits as 'Islamic militants',

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Apparently taking hostages and trying to kill everyone who didn't know the name of Mohammed's mother while belonging to a notorious terrorist organization was not enough for the BBC to recognize them as terrorists.

The BBC has come under fire for referring to the perpetrators of the Kenyan shopping mall massacre as 'militants' rather than 'terrorists'.

In coverage of the violence at the Westgate mall in Nairobi which has killed more than 60 the Corporation's journalists have repeatedly described the attackers as 'Islamic militants'.

It is understood that BBC guidance issued to staff tells them to avoid using the term 'terrorist' without attribution, but politicians have reacted with anger to the choice of language.

In four news bulletins this morning, Neal Sleat, newsreader on Radio 4's today programme, did not use the word 'terrorist' once.

Instead he referred to the culprits as 'Islamic militants', while reporters on the BBC website describes those responsible as 'suspected al-Shabab militants'.

There's always alleged suspected angry people. If only they had been EDL. I'm sure the BBC would have found the proper words to describe them.

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