Tony Blair's Daughter Mugged by Armed Gunman in Gun-Free UK

Gun laws don't protect victims. They protect criminals.


If you listen to Piers Morgan, the UK is a utopia where guns were banned and as a result everyone spends all day hugging each other. The reality is that in the UK, as in Chicago or New York, the difficulty in obtaining a gun only means that the gunmen are all criminals.

How safe from gun crime is London? So safe that former Prime Minister Tony Blair's daughter got mugged in London by an armed gunman.

The 29-year-old barrister came face to face with the thieves as she and her boyfriend were walking their dog shortly after the wedding of her brother Euan.

The two men, one armed with a gun, demanded cash and jewellery before suddenly fleeing empty-handed.

The former Prime Minister’s daughter and her partner were shocked but unhurt.

It is believed Ms Blair and her boyfriend were threatened near her townhouse in Marylebone, central London on Monday evening.

Marylebone is described as affluent. Home prices there appear to be in the millions of pounds. Crime rates appear to be fairly low. But less than half of the residents seem to be white British and a significant number are Muslim.

Nevertheless gun crime can happen there too even to the daughter of a former Prime Minister.

Gun laws don't protect victims. They protect criminals.