Robert Reich Desperately Trying to get Bill O'Reilly to Notice Him

"Yet O’Reilly refuses to have me on his show to debate any of this — either his initial charge I’m a Communist"

Robert_Reich_at_the_University_of_Iowa,_Sep._7,_2011 "He called me a Communist! A Communist!"

Who is Robert Reich, you're probably wondering. He was the Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton. And since then he's written a bunch of books that no one has read.

He has a new movie  “Inequality for All,” which again you've probably never heard of, from the director of Haiku Tunnel, which you've never heard of either.

His book, "Beyond Outrage," which you've never read and which isn't exactly burning up the bookshelves.

Reich's economical solution is to try and stir up a feud with Bill O'Reilly to sell some of his product. Reich's pretext for that was complaining that O'Reilly had once, jokingly or seriously, called him a Communist who adores Karl Marx.

In April, Robert Reich wrote a piece titled, "Why Anyone Should Care that Bill O’Reilly Calls Me A Communist". The question answers itself. If you need to headline a piece that way, no one does.

And to make his motives even more obvious, Reich finished with a demand that Bill O'Reilly have him on his show and the hashtag for his book, Get #BeyondOutrage.

It was a pathetic performance that only got more pathetic as the months passed and Bill O'Reilly did not invite Robert Reich on his show.

So Reich wrote a New York Times op-ed about the time someone in an airport supposedly called him a Communist... accused Bill O'Reilly of channeling the nation's bile and followed that up with another post urging all four of his readers to email Bill O'Reilly to let Reich get a taste of that bile by being on his show.

Yet O’Reilly refuses to have me on his show to debate any of this — either his initial charge I’m a Communist, or his indignation that I mentioned it in last weekend’s op-ed. When he first claimed I was a Communist I challenged him to a debate — a civil debate. He refused. He still refuses. He won’t even debate the topic of my op-ed — the increasing shrillness and divisiveness of Fox News and other media outlets, which are only adding to the vitriol of American politics.

Why won’t O’Reilly debate me? What’s he afraid of?

Poor Bob. He's like the guy that no one wants to invite not to testify in front of HUAC.

Who knows what Bill O'Reilly is afraid of. Maybe he's frightened by Communist leprechauns. But we know what Robert Reich is afraid of. Not being paid attention to.