Manbearpig Lives! Environmentalists Claim Global Warming Unleashes Plague of Hybrid Animals

As Arctic sea ice continues to melt at drastic rates, seals, whales, and bears will begin mingling in the same regions and possibly mating.


The science is settled. And by that I mean they're just making stuff up.

These Hybrid Animals Will Be Created Because Of Climate Change

Thanks to melting Arctic ice caps, polar and grizzly bears are being forced to cohabitate — and mate — outside their indigenous zones. The results are half-brown, half-white bears that have been spotted in the Arctic.

As mutated animals, they are most likely sterile. And, if this trend continues, it could eventually lead their origin species towards extinction.

Grizzly bears and polar bears are actually not sterile. But how frequent is this cats-and-dogs mating with each other trend?

Many Arctic hybrids have already been seen in the wild.

In 2006, a white bear with brown splotches, believed to be a hybrid of a polar bear and a grizzly, was shot by Arctic hunters. Then in 2009, a possible hybrid of a right whale and a bowhead was photographed in the Bering Sea.

That's two. Maybe one.

I'm not a scientist myself. But one mix of a polar bear and grizzly bear... and one even more dubiously possible whale mix is not MANY.

It's also not the beginning of a plague of sterile mutants that will lead to the extinction of all bears on earth.

The increased hybridization of animals is a strong indication that our climate is changing.

An increase of two?

As Arctic sea ice continues to melt at drastic rates, different species of seals, whales, and bears previously blocked by huge slabs of ice will begin mingling in the same regions and possibly mating.

And just wait until the whalebears mate with the bearseals producing whalebearseal. Just let Al Gore tell you about it. It's superserial.

Hybrid animals are generally infertile. But the trend is worrisome because it could drive certain species to extinction since those animals are no longer mating with their own kind.

What exactly is the high probability of any type of bear being wiped out due to mating with other bears? So far we've got one polar-grizzly shot in 2006. It's not exactly an epidemic.

Also there's one big problem with this hybrid extinction threat. Polar bears and grizzly bears produce fertile offspring.

Stirling said polar bears and grizzlies have been successfully paired in zoos and that their offspring are fertile, but there had been no documented case in the wild.

Sorry, cancel the apocalypse. The science is settled.

Also there were polar- grizzly matings in the wild back in the 19th century. Must have been global warming caused by all those coal plants.

But don't worry. The science is settled. And there's always a new Ecoscammer Global Warming threat.