Compulsive Liar Seymour Hersh Claims Bin Laden Raid "One Big Lie"

Hersh claimed that the United States was going to launch a war against the Islamic Republic. The first such article appeared more than seven years ago

seymour hersh

So far the best evidence that the Bin Laden raid happened exactly the way it's supposed to have happened is that Seymour Hersh just called it all one big lie.

Some conservatives sites are quoting Hersh's attack on the media. That's like quoting Al Capone's attack on the honesty of Chicago aldermen. It's not the best source for that argument.

Seymour Hersh, a compulsive liar, who makes things up while quoting anonymous sources and has been allowed to get away with this for longer than any journalist should have been able to, is an expert at lying. Not at exposing lies. But at making up crazy lies.

Any intro on Hersh begins with Mai Lai. It conveniently ends there. Because when you get into more recent territory, you end up with stuff like this.

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh reports that Israel warned the US last year it would not be able to bring stability or democracy to Iraq. Now, hundreds of Israeli agents, including members of Mossad, are conducting covert operations in the Kurdish areas of northern Iraq, Iran and Syria.

Hundreds. That is a whole lot of Israeli agents. Apparently operating freely in large numbers in three hostile countries it shares no borders with. And the only man who knows it is a New Yorker writer.

In no fewer than six feature-length New Yorker articles published during the Bush administration, Hersh claimed that the United States was going to launch a war against the Islamic Republic. The first such article appeared more than seven years ago

That actually has been his only real topic for a while now.  It's kind of sad.

 In 1974, he claimed that the former U.S. Ambassador to Chile, Edward Korry, was involved in a coup d’état the previous year. It wasn’t until 1981 that Hersh would write a 3,000-word, front-page retraction exonerating Korry that Time referred to as “the longest correction ever published.”

Only 7 years. According to Hersh, the war with Iran had been going on for about that long.

In 1991, Hersh published The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy, which featured a variety of stupendous (and occasionally, contradictory) allegations... Hersh also wrote that Israel had targeted cities in the Soviet Union with its nuclear arsenal while simultaneously passing along American nuclear secrets to Moscow.

But the anonymous sources in Hersh' head said so.

The source for this, and much else in the book, was Ari Ben-Menashe, an Israeli con man and “spinner of tangled yarns,” according to Time. Perhaps the most infamous of such yarns was the 1980 meeting Ben-Menashe claims to have witnessed in Paris where then Vice Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush persuaded Iranian leaders to hold American hostages until after the election. Hersh himself would later admit that Ben-Menashe “lies like people breathe.”

A description that could easily be applied to Hersh.

But it wasn’t until the 1997 publication of his 500-page tome on the Kennedys, The Dark Side of Camelot, that Hersh would earn the opprobrium of the elite media that had, up until this time, praised him as the greatest muckraker since Upton Sinclair. As he had with his book on Israel’s nuclear-weapons program, Hersh fell for a hoax—in this case, a series of forged documents indicating that John F. Kennedy had, among many other indignities, offered hush money to his alleged lover, Marilyn Monroe, and had conspired with mafia bosses to overthrow Fidel Castro.

Yes, but what did the hundreds of Israeli agents have to do with it?

In short, when Seymour Hersh has a conspiracy theory based on anonymous sources, it's worth less than a dying camel in Cairo. Occasionally he gets an actual tip about an actual story. That happens once in a blue moon. And it's invariably an unfair and damaging attack on the United States. The rest of the time, the attacks are unfair, damaging and full of hot air.