"Yankees Go Home!" Shouts Insane Venezuelan Leader, Accusing US Diplomats of Sabotaging Electricity

"Yankees go home! Get out of Venezuela! Get out of here!." Maduro added.


We've discussed before whether crazy Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro is crazy like a fox or just crazy.

Then the question was settled when Maduro claimed that Chavez had appeared to him in the form of a small bird and when he began sleeping in Chavez's tomb.

Also he threatened Venezuelans who didn't vote for him with an ancient curse.

Now fresh from nationalizing a toilet paper factory because there wasn't any in stores, Maduro resumed his attacks on the United States which, to his frustration, hadn't been paying any attention to him.

"We detected a group of U.S. embassy officials dedicated to meeting the far-right and to financing and encouraging acts of sabotage against the electrical system and Venezuela's economy," the president said in a televised speech.

"I have the proof here in my hands," Maduro added. "Yankees go home! Get out of Venezuela! Get out of here! I don't care what actions the government of Barack Obama takes."

He said Venezuela was expelling Kelly Keiderling, who as U.S. chargé d'affaires is the senior American diplomat in Venezuela because the United States has no ambassador to the country.

Venezuela identified the other two diplomats as Elizabeth Hunderland and David Mutt. The U.S. Embassy had no immediate comment or confirmation regarding the expulsions.


Maduro has desperately been trying to pick a fight with the United States for reasons only he understands, perhaps to distract his people from the lack of toilet paper and cars.

It hasn't been working.

In the most recent diplomatic spat, Venezuela accused Washington of "aggression" this month after Maduro's plane was briefly blocked from flying over Puerto Rico en route to China.

The U.S. government said it nevertheless approved the flight plan, which had not been properly submitted by Caracas.

So Maduro escalated yet again. And Obama, who would hug Maduro if given half a chance and lavish foreign aid on him, is just ignoring him some more.

The only question is how will Maduro escalate this one-sided conflict next? Well he can start reviewing movies.

He calls US “factories of anti-values” such as Hollywood.

“Take a 14-year-old youngster who has a 9mm pistol in his hand and is carrying in his head thousands of hours of violent programming,” mused the 50-year-old president this month, after watching Spiderman III with his wife. “Stimulated by such consumerism and violence, no wonder he goes out and kills.”

There's always Dr. Doolittle.