Turkey Taking Advantage of War it Started to Sneak Up on Syrian Oil

"We think that the oil was originated in Syria and immigrated to Turkey."


Clearly Islamists are on board with the War for Oil thing because Islamist Turkey, up to its neck in debt for Erdogan's crony capitalist empire, is sneaking toward Syria while aiding Sunni terrorists running a civil war in that country.

While the Syrian regime is focused on quelling rebels, its neighbor Turkey is taking advantage of the situation by drilling for oil near the border, Hurriyet Daily reported Tuesday.

The Turkish company energy company Arp Petrol obtained a four-year exploration license from the Turkish Energy Ministry to explore a 400-square-meter area in Sirnak and Mardin in the southeast region near Syria.

“There are many active wells across the [Syrian] border. Why shouldn’t we be here? We think that the oil was originated in Syria and immigrated to Turkey. We are working on the oil producer zone’s extension in Turkey. We are chasing the oil and natural gas extension of Syria,” Şehmus Arslan, the chairman of AR Tarım, said.

Ah, oil immigration.

Considering the story of the Republic of Hatay, it wouldn't exactly be the first time that Turkey sneakily found a way to get a piece of Syrian land.