Scotland Shuts Down Childhood Immunization Program Over Muslim Complaints

It's safe to mock a Jenny McCarthy over vaccines, but no one mentions the vehement opposition of Islamists to vaccinations.


Muslims don't like vaccines. It's safe to mock a Jenny McCarthy over vaccines, but no one mentions the vehement opposition of Islamists to vaccinations.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have issued fatwas against vaccines and murdered workers. Nigeria and Pakistan have also been scenes of violent Muslim opposition to vaccination.

Muslims aren't even 1 percent of the population of Scotland. But they've been doing their Talibanest best there, with the aid and support of the so-called Scottish National Party that often seems more like the Pakistani Immigrants Party and now Scotland's largest vaccination program has been shut down because of them.

The roll-out of the flu vaccine nasal spray pilot scheme in Glasgow had been due to begin at city primary school on Wednesday, days after its launch by First Minister Alex Salmond.

But after parents at Glendale Primary in Pollokshields - which has a large number of Muslim pupils who cannot consume or use pig products for religious reasons - became aware of the ingredients, complaints were made and the scheme was put on hold.


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC), whose area contains the overwhelming majority of Scotland's Muslims, said it had postponed the vaccinations "following concerns raised by a small number of parents".

The health board added that, in 2001, 100 Islamic scholars had agreed pork gelatine was permissible within a vaccine so there had been no need for advance publicity.

Which is true. The issue isn't pork gelatine when part of a medication. Muslim Muslim scholars are on board with it. This is about Islamist activism imposing Taliban norms on an entire country. It's about Muslims getting to throw their weight around and impose control by once again pretending to be offended by something that they only care about as a vehicle for power.

Glasgow councillor Soryia Siddique said: "Children's health and wellbeing is paramount. The serious failure is at a national level with regards to the clarity of the vaccine ingredient which should have been communicated to parents so they could make an informed decision."

The only people endangering the wellbeing of children here are Soriya and her sorry clan who insist on putting Islamist power plays ahead of children's health the same way that they do in Pakistan.

Dr Syed Ahmed, consultant in public health medicine at NHSGGC, said: "We want to point out to parents and carers that the nasal spray vaccine contains a tiny amount of gelatine of pork origin used during the manufacturing process."

He said gelatine was commonly used in the manufacture of medicines and the trace in the finished nasal spray was a "completely changed substance".

He added: "In view of the 2001 ­agreement between the World Health Organisation and the Muslim scholars that pork gelatine was permissible within a vaccine there was no specific reference to this ingredient in the initial national communication that was produced for parents.

So we have a Muslim doctor saying that Soryia Siddique and the Islamist power play is full of crap. This isn't about Islamic law on pork gelatin, it's about pushing harsher versions of Islamic law on the rest of society in order to impose Islamic dominance.

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