Bill de Blasio, Supporter of Anti-Semitic Communist Terrorists, Claims Republican Opponent is Extremist

I don't know how Lhota is supposed to top Bill de Blasio's record as an extremist

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I don't know how Lhota is supposed to top Bill de Blasio's record as an extremist who supported the Marxist regime in Nicaragua which ethnically cleansed its Jewish population, but apparently it's by dragging out the ghost of Goldwater.

Bill de Blasio is far ahead in the polls, mainly because most voters don't know what he really stands for, and that has panicked him badly enough to launch the world's lamest smear campaign against Joe Lhota.

De Blasio's campaign launched an attack website on Tuesday, attempting to paint Lhota's political philosophy as extremist.

The headline: Goldwater + Tea Party + Giuliani = Lhota.

The site hits Lhota for admiring conservative Sen. Barry Goldwater in his younger days and for remarks he made to the Staten Island Tea Party in April, saying his philosophical views were close to theirs.

Hillary spent much of her career reminiscing about the time she was a Goldwater Girl. So Bill de Blasio is saying that Lhota is as right wing as Hillary. Or something.

Giuliani was a ridiculously popular mayor. Does Bill de Blasio really want to remind people of that? And does he really want to compare the dreaded Staten Island Tea Party to the Sandinista terrorists who took over Nicaragua?

Some of de Blasio’s other attacks this week included blaming Lhota’s “tea party friends” for shutting down the government—particularly the Statue of Liberty—and criticizing Lhota for having some libertarian donors.

Does it still count as McCarthyism when a Communist does it?

In a series of appearances on Thursday, Mr. Lhota questioned Mr. de Blasio's experience and lambasted his signature proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for prekindergarten and after-school programs.

Mr. de Blasio's campaign declined to respond to Mr. Lhota's criticism, but the public advocate described his standing in the polls as a mandate for his agenda

De Blasio is right because... he's ahead in the polls. Don't ask him any questions. If you do, you're one of those Giuliani Goldwaterites.