Government Shutdown: Prisoners Get Paid, Guards Don't

Obama is taking care of his base.

Essential Federal workers Essential Federal workers

The prisoners must be considered "essential Federal workers" while the guards are "non-essential workers". That makes sense by Obamerican standards.

One of the more frustrating effects of the government shutdown is on display at a federal prison. Guards are still reporting to work, but until the shutdown is resolved, their paychecks are on hold.

In an odd twist, inmates who perform duties in the prison are still getting paid.

"A lot of us are concerned about how we’re going to come into work next week … and how are we going to pay our bills," Union President Dave Dauman said…

Dauman’s union represents 300 federal prison guards in Oxford, 150 miles northwest of Milwaukee.

"We are what they consider exempted employees, and those employees have to come to work," he said. "So we have to come to work, and we are not getting paid until the government passes a budget."

"We supervise inmates who perform duties within the institution, and those inmates at this point are getting paid," Dauman said.

In a country where the inmates run the asylum, Detroit is a model for America and a shutdown means emergency efforts to shut down forests, lakes and open air monuments that take more effort than leaving them open... why not?

The government needs prisoners. It doesn't need guards. The prisoners are more likely to vote Democrat anyway as "Surveys have shown that about 70 percent of former convicts lean Democratic".

Obama is taking care of his base.