US Targets Al Qaeda Leaders in Somali and Libya, Ignores Benghazi Perps

Anas Al Liby had been living in Iran until last year when Obama overthrew the Libyan government


US personnel were sent into Somali and into Libya's capital to capture Al Qaeda leaders-- one of whom was killed during the operation.

American commandos carried out raids on Saturday in two far-flung African countries in a powerful flex of military muscle aimed at capturing fugitive terrorist suspects.

The Somalia raid was planned more than a week ago, officials said, in response to a massacre by the militant Somali group Shabab at a Nairobi shopping mall. The Navy SEAL team targeted a senior Shabab leader in the town of Baraawe and exchanged gunfire with militants in a predawn firefight.

The unidentified Shabab leader is believed to have been killed in the firefight, but the SEAL team was forced to withdraw before that could be confirmed, a senior American security official said.

Thank goodness for that otherwise he would have the ACLU on speed dial.

Abu Anas, the Libyan Qaeda leader, was the bigger prize, and officials said Saturday night that he was alive in United States custody. While the details about his capture were sketchy, an American official said Saturday night that he appeared to have been taken peacefully and that “he is no longer in Libya.”

Anas Al Liby had been living in Iran until last year when Obama overthrew the Libyan government and he decided that it was a good time to see what could be done there.

He's wanted for the '98 Al Qaeda bombings during the Clinton administration. And now that he's captured, Obama will no doubt insist on giving him a civilian trial, the way he wanted to give to Osama bin Laden.

Going after Anas Al Liby was a good thing, though it certainly took a while which could make one suspicious about the timing, but the Benghazi killers have been walking the streets without fear. Why not go after them? Or do we have to wait another 15 years for that?