Saudi Gazette Calls Republicans "Jihadists", Carrying Out "Suicide Attacks"

This is not actually meant as a compliment even though it's coming from the Saudis

Did someone say extremist cult of lunatics? Did someone say extremist cult of lunatics?

Strangely this is not actually meant as a compliment, even though it's coming from a Saudi publication. And here you might think that the Saudis would appreciate a good "inner struggle".

Hisham Melhem is the Washington bureau chief of the Al Arabiya News Channel. Al Arabiya is the Saudi alternative to Al Jazeera and it is somewhat less bad than Al Jazeera. That doesn't mean that Melhem's rant isn't unintentionally hilarious.

"The Republican Party, which has been shrinking steadily geographically to the South," Melhem writes.

I wonder which part of the south, Alaska, Utah, Arizona, Montana, Nebraska, Idaho and Indiana are in.

"A brigade of firebrands in Congress known as the “Tea Party” wages a quixotic ideological war against what it sees as the evil of "big government." The members of this group sound and act more like members of a cult, or an extreme religious sect than a political party."

An extreme religious sect? You mean like Wahhabism? Is Hisham trying to compliment the Tea Party again?

Senate rules require a "supermajority" of 60 votes to prevent one senator from filibustering legislation. The recent spectacle of Senator Ted Cruz (Republican, Texas) railing for more than 21 hours against Obamacare...

Despite being the Washington bureau chief for Al-Saudi, Hisham doesn't seem to know that the Cruz filibuster was not an actual filibuster.

If the Republican Jihadists, aka the Tea Party, who practice politics as a zero sum game and always threaten suicide attacks, are not checked soon by their diminishing centrist elders, they will transform the Republican Party into a small political sect and either silence and/or drive the centrists out.

What exactly is Hisham's objection to suicide attacks and Jihadists considering that his bosses are in the businesses of funding them?

Unlike Muslim Jihadists, the Tea Jihad has thus far claimed no lives, not counting apoplectic liberals turning red as they scream at their TVs. Maybe the Saudis should take up government shutdowns instead of suicide bombings. It might be just the kind of "inner struggle" they need.