Jealous Saudi Husband Divorces Wife after She Kisses a Horse

“The wife said she is not sorry for what she did."


John Kerry was unavailable for comment. (Religion of Peace)

A jealous Saudi man divorced his wife after discovering she had kissed a horse when he saw her picture with the animal on social networks.

The unnamed woman said she had published her own photograph while kissing the horse in the Gulf Kingdom, adding that she does not regret what she has done.

“After he saw the picture showing his wife kissing a horse at a farm near Riyadh, the man divorced her,” Sada newspaper said.

“The wife said she is not sorry for what she did and was not upset by splitting from a man who cannot distinguish between humans and animals. She said she is very proud about that picture as it expresses her love for Arabian horses.”

Meanwhile the divorce rate in Saudi Arabia has gone up by 21%. Apparently a lot of Saudi women are finding horses more attractive than their husbands.

According to Kuwait News, the husband objected to having his wife act "spontaneously" in public places after the picture appeared on Twitter. But considering that a Muslim man can just do the Triple Talak, telling his wife "I divorce you" three times, he may have been the one who acted a little too spontaneously.

And based on those divorce rates, he's not the only one.