Grover Norquist Discredits Himself Attacking Ted Cruz

" You could do it without humiliating the president... but Ted Cruz, from left field, said we have to defund Obamacare permanently "


Grover Norquist, the Ikhwan's man in the Republican Party, has to maintain his brand as a conservative, even if that brand makes no sense at all.

Norquist is for amnesty, against fighting terrorists and against Ted Cruz. And he's for a laughable effort to cut a deal with Obama. This time around he's demanding that Ted Cruz "apologize" to House Republicans for not having a viable strategy.

And what strategy would Grover Norquist propose? There's a sample of his idiocy in his last Washington Post piece also attacking Ted Cruz.

I think the original plan for the Republicans was to move the continuing resolution past the debt ceiling and then to sit down with Obama and decide whether he would be willing to trade some relaxation of the sequester for significant reforms of entitlements. That was something Obama might well do.

Considering that the sequester was Obama's idea and Obama has shown no interest in doing anything like that, Grover Norquist's idea is only slightly less stupid than eating a Slurpee made out of toxic waste.

Norquist's real proposal is to keep the same economic disaster moving along and hoping that Obama might want to compromise for no real reason for the first time ever.

All that is hilarious coming from a man who built a brand as a fiscal conservative.

 There was also the possibility, and I was an advocate, of pushing for delay. I thought Obama might do that.

Frankly why? To give Obama more time to get it right?

There's no reason why Republicans should want a delay of ObamaCare. Let it roll out unprepared when it can do the most political damage. And the website disaster shows why that strategy is right.

ObamaCare should be killed, but not delayed.

Obama was thoughtful enough to time Obamacare and its taxes to kick in after he was safely reelected. Those senators running in 2014 were not given the same courtesy. Why not give them that?

Is Grover Norquist trying to help the Democratic Senators who voted for ObamaCare get reelected?

"No, the leverage isn’t the debt ceiling. It’s not the CR. It’s the sequester. Democrats think this is desperate privation. It’s like the Kennedy kids with only one six-pack. They feel they’ve never been so mistreated. So there’s something they want. And there’s something Republicans want. So you could see a deal there."

Norquist is trying to sell the idea that the sequester is a Republican coup. He's not alone in that. But the sequester was Obama's idea. And the idea that Obama will make any concessions or allow any concessions to be made on ObamaCare in exchange for relaxing a thing he wanted...

His brilliant strategy is to use one idea that Obama came up with against another idea Obama came up with... and Ted Cruz ought to apologize for having no strategy.

The second thought was to have a conversation over the one-year delay. A two-month conversation about delay would be healthy for the body politic. And maybe you’d get the delay. There’s no shame in the delay. Microsoft is always delaying Office. You could do it without humiliating the president.

But that’s not what we did. Ted Cruz, from left field, said we have to defund Obamacare permanently in this CR.

There goes crazy Ted Cruz... trying to humiliate Obama.

"So that got locked in as a principle. And people went out on talk radio and said if you’re not for this you’re a coward, you’re a RINO."

Why would they think that?