UK Forced to Take Back Muslim Detained for Terror Plot in Iraq

Al-Jedda already won more than £50,000 in compensation and legal costs from the European Court of Human Rights


The case of Hilal Al-Jedda, or Hilal Abdul Razzaq Ali Al-Jedda if you like names that never end, has been a liberal cause celeb for a while. Now the orgs that backed him are about to see their greatest victory.

A Muslim terrorist with multiple wives denaturalized by the UK, but whom the UK is forced to take back.

An Iraqi terror suspect accused of plotting to blow up British soldiers could be allowed to return to this country after judges ruled he must be given his UK passport back.

Alleged explosives expert Hilal Al-Jedda was given asylum in this country in 1992 but returned home during the Iraq war where he was accused of plotting atrocities against coalition forces.

He was stripped of his British passport but appealed and yesterday won his case at the Supreme Court. Judges said taking his passport away was unlawful because it left him ‘stateless’ – in effect without a home country.

Al-Jedda, whose case is legally aided, has already won more than £50,000 in compensation and legal costs from the European Court of Human Rights over his three-year detention in Iraq by coalition forces. The court found his internment amounted to a breach of his right to liberty.

Now ministers face the prospect of having to issue a new passport and allow the father of eight and his family back in.

Eight really is enough. But how did he get to 8? Old Hilal is the marrying kind.

Al-Jedda, 56, came to the UK in 1992 with his first wife and sought asylum. In 1998 they and their four children were given the right to remain here indefinitely and in 2000 were given British nationality.

After divorcing his first wife he married again in 2002 and while still married took a third wife. He lives in Turkey with his third wife and all eight of his children.

A lot of accounts mention that he was released without charge after months of detention. They fail to mention the details of that.

Army chiefs freed prisoners in Basra suspected of killing British troops under a secret deal with Iraqi militants, it was claimed yesterday.

The number held dropped from 86 to three while attacks fell 90 per cent since last summer, when Hilal al-Jedda says the deal was reached with cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army.

Another story clarifies a bit more of what went on.

A phased release of Iraqi detainees held by the British army, including members of the Mahdi army militia, is expected to be stepped up next week as part of a "reconciliation process" that Britain hopes will pave the way for an orderly withdrawal from southern Iraq.


One detainee, Hilal al-Jedda, has been separated from the rest after speaking to his British lawyer, Phil Shiner, about back-channel talks. Mr Shiner said yesterday that Mr Jedda was being punished for revealing details of the talks rather than being separated for his own safety.

So it looks like Hilal al-Jedda may have been a Sadrist who got freed as part of the UK's dirty deals with them. He scored 50K out of the deal and now wants to go back to living the welfare life with his wives and children in the UK.

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